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BMS Docs Indian Aiyana

BMS DocsIndianAiyana

geb.: 17.05.2016

Sire: Doc O Mount

Dam: Millfields Black Moon


PHCG Prämienfohlen Wertnote 7,70


Aiyana ganz rechts 1. Tag 7.6.15 Aiyana halb vorne Aiyana ganz links 1. Tag



Aiyana is woken Little Lady, with lovable character and a lot of movement potential.



Aiyana vorne 2016 0 Mai 2016 3 Aiyana2016linksgalopp



She has a unique drawing, left side overo, tobiano right side.


0 Mai 2016 6 0 Mai 2016 2 Aiyana ganz2 2016


Aiyana is for sale, they should not find their man, it is your mother "Britches" worthy represented here as a broodmare.